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Runtopia S1 GPS Sport Watch
Description The Runtopia S1 Smart GPS Sports Watch is your new buddy for better, smarter running. Integrated with the Runtopia app, this watch gives you audio guidance in real-time to notify you of your speed, heart rate or pace so...
$99.00 $79.00
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Runtopia Smart Body Fat Scale
Description The Runtopia Body Fat Scale is a one-step body composition analyzer. The scale measures much more than just weight; get all 13 essential body composition measurements, including body fat rate, muscle mass, water rate, bone density and much more. An...
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Runtopia Super Slim Running Belt
Description Need a belt to store your essentials, but don’t want anything bulky? The Runtopia Slim Belt is perfect for storing your phone, keys, cards and other small items and is SUPER SLIM at only 0.2 inches! The belt is adjustable...
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