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6 Important tips to make your morning run more fruitful

Posted on septiembre 24 2020

Runtopia 6 Tips for Morning Runners

I don’t know how many of you are morning runners, but I know many of you are probably night owls and struggle with running in the morning. There are so many amazing benefits to a morning run. One study found that people who worked out in the morning got more deep sleep than people who worked out in the afternoon or evening.

Looking for simple tips to make your morning run more fruitful?

In today’s post, I’m going to share with you 6 of my favorite tips to help you establish a morning running habit.

1. Good Rest Good Run

The most important thing for morning runners is to sleep well. I don’t recommend night owls be morning runners. A good rest is a guarantee for you to energize yourself and achieve good fitness results. Besides, you can also take a break every other day. This allows your body to recharge as well as letting your strained muscles to repair.

2. Having A Small But Nutritious Breaky Before Your Morning Run

You may feel groggy or disoriented in the morning. This is because the blood sugar level is usually at its lowest in the morning. If you want to get rid of this drowsy state in the morning, you can get in a little energy before you head out to run. For example, 15 to 20 minutes before a morning run, try eating something light like a half banana, sports bar or toast and a little amount of peanut butter. It will help you raise your blood sugar level without overfilling your stomach. Keep in mind everyone is different. The answer to what to Eat Before Running First Thing in the morning is all dependent on your own feeling and how far you are running.

3. Intake some caffeine

If you are used to drinking tea or coffee in the morning, you can drink an extra half a cup before your morning run. Studies have shown that moderate caffeine intake before a run can improve performance.

4. Preparing accessories the night before

Set out your running accessories the night before your morning run will not only help you save up time in the weekday but also reduce reasons for procrastination. It is a good idea to prepare your running clothes the night before and put your running shoes right by your bed. Especially,don't forget your Runtopia X3.  This way everything is ready to go as soon as you get yourself out of the bed.

5. Prerun Warm-up

A good warm-up primes your central nervous system, soft tissues, and internal organs for activity. It is like a car in winter. Before you take your first step on the run, you need to warm your body up to prevent injuries and give yourself time to perk up. 10 minutes of dynamic stretches will be the most effective way to re-align muscle fibers. You can also do 5 minutes of light walking and then build up to normal running pace. Start by walking and then switch to light jogging, letting your heart rate rise slowly and gradually.

6. Never Give Up

Marathoner Kipchoge said "We have many courses in the world: flat courses, uphill and downhill, and this period of COVID-19 is like an uphill course, where we need to live in a slow way, in a positive way, in order to finish the race well."


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