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Runtopia F3 Fitness Smartwatch Guest Review: A Smartwatch under $60?

Posted on marzo 23 2021

runtopia f3 fitness smartwatch for running walking calories heart rate cycling hiking yoga

This is a review posted by Codoon user GuaiGe (怪戈), which has been translated for Runtopia. You can find the original post here.

By now, we're all familiar with many different fitness and GPS watches, but the majority of them are relatively professional sports watches. The thing is, not everyone needs all the bells and whistles - sometimes less is more. With professional sports watches, although bursting with features, you also end up paying hundreds more for them. Today, I'll be sharing my thoughts on a smartwatch with a great price-point - The F3 Fitness Smartwatch.

With the price-point of a simple fitness tracker, the F3 has all the features of a full-functioning smartwatch. I was gifted this smartwatch a while ago, and after using it for some time, I'm finally sharing my thoughts. The product I received was the first sample directly from the factory, so some details in packaging and/or features may change in the future.

runtopia f3 smartwatch waterproof water resistant

This time around, the new F3 smartwatch gives a new vibe in terms of package design. The box is all-white, with a clear image of the smartwatch on the top. It looks stylish and overall high-quality, which is very much in line with the mainstream aesthetic. Upon opening the box, you can first see the body of the F3, and below the smartwatch are the product manual and magnetic charger.

runtopia f3 smartwatch fitness packaging box running watchruntopia f3 smartwatch fitness running unboxingruntopia f3 smartwatch fitness watch charger user manual activity tracker

From the packaging design to the accessories and placement in the box, it appears that they have all been designed with minimalistic elements. The main body of the F3 smartwatch also follows suit with the minimalist design. The overall pure black style is in demand: suitable for both men and women. There's a simple knob on the right side of the square dial; at first glance it reminds me of an Apple watch.

runtopia f3 smartwatch black mens watch fitness smartwatch apple watch

The square dial of the F3 Smartwatch has been polished to be round on all corners, feeling smooth to the touch. The 1.3" color screen is also easy to navigate by touch. The heart rate monitor and metal face of the charging outlet can be seen on the back of the watch, also with the same rounded corners.

runtopia f3 smartwatch pixart heart rate sensor HR apple watch cheap watch

The strap is made of silicone, same as the previous watches; skin friendly and odorless, and most important of all - comfortable to wear. Even in hot weather, I haven't experienced any irritation to my skin. In addition to this, the removal of the strap is also simple, so that you can interchange it to any common strap with release pins for more personality.

runtopia f3 smartwatch fitness watch mens watch womens watch black strap

From a fitness standpoint, the F3 smartwatch is suitable for all common workouts, being water resistant (IP68) and dust-proof. No need to worry about sweating, rain, or any other daily occurrences that may cause the watch to come into contact with water.

runtopia f3 fitness smartwatch waterproof outdoors sports dust-proofruntopia f3 fitness smartwatch lightweight smartwatch

The appearance of the F3 smartwatch is suitable for daily wear, as it goes with anyone and any occasion. The simple design and the square dial are the mainstream aesthetic of this day. Although similar in style to Apple watch, I wouldn't put this as a secondary option. But how good can a smartwatch under $60 really be?

runtopia f3 fitness smartwatch black watch mens smartwatch activity tracker weightloss watchruntopia f3 fitness smartwatch mens watch black activity weightloss

As a sports watch, although the main positioning is fitness and beginner-friendly exercise, it still supports various indoor and outdoor sports modes. Whether outdoor running, walking, cycling, treadmill running and more, it can record data through professional algorithms. This data meets the needs of monitoring our own fitness levels and performance, to make workouts more efficient.

runtopia f3 fitness smartwatch watch for running walking spinningruntopia f3 fitness smartwatch watch for treadmill running indoor run cycling hiking

In terms of heart rate sensor, the F3 smartwatch uses the Pixart PPG heart rate sensor, which is more accurate than many heart rate sensors. Anyone who has experience in working out, knows the importance of heart rate to exercise. Tracking and monitoring real-time heart rate enables a safer and more efficient workout.

The features supported by the F3 smartwatch are far from these. It also works as a secondary screen when in movement mode. For example, when using the app to record running, the data from your phone can easily be viewed on the watch in real time. Therefore, you can rely on the display on your watch to track your run, instead of pulling out your phone at every stop. This makes running a lot more easier and convenient.

runtopia f3 fitness smartwatch running fitness walking cycling hiking activity tracker

In addition to fitness features, the F3 smartwatch also supports notifications of text messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and many other apps. And we can't forget about simple features like alarm clock, stopwatch, incoming call alert and more; just like an assistant on your wrist.

runtopia f3 fitness smartwatch watch for beginner running fitness walking step counterruntopia f3 fitness smartwatch activity tracker weightloss tool daily step counter calories heart rate

Because the F3 smartwatch does not have built-in GPS, it has a much longer battery life capability than many other smartwatches. Although the battery capacity is only 210mah, you can easily use it for 10 days with a single charge. Not many smartwatches can compete with this battery life.

As a smartwatch for beginners and getting into fitness, the performance of the F3 smartwatch is still excellent in all aspects. The stylish appearance of the watch can be easily worn by anyone, no matter the gender or style. Although the features are not those of a professional sports watch, for beginners the features are more than enough to support fitness & activity needs. If you are looking for a more professional watch with advanced features, I believe the X3 GPS Watch may be more align with your needs.

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