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User Guide: How to use Runtopia?

Posted on 十月 18 2020

User Guide: How to use Runtopia?

(Updated Feb 2020)

Runtopia is a mobile App that tries to motive and reward your every step in order to help you build out a solid workout routine. It is intended to be simple and straightforward, as ease of use is a very important to Runtopia as a workout platform. However, we have recognized based on constructive feedback from our clients and potential clients that some features are still very troublesome and confusing for our users to use. Therefore we have taken aboard this feedback and collected the most common queries about our App in order to make a simple instruction pamphlet for our Runtopia users to follow.


1) How to collect and use SPC

SPC stands for sports coins. It is a virtual coin system on the Runtopia App. It can be gained through daily Novice tasks and Daily tasks. So how to complete tasks and get the coins?

  1. Go to the “Sports Coin” Page and select ‘Task’.
  2. After you finish the task, the SPC coins will automatically appear.
  3. When the coin appears next to a task, click on it to collect it into your account.
  4. You also can view your daily and total SPC at the top of the page.

You can then use SPC to redeem awesome offers on the App for free.

  1. If you go to the ‘Sports Coin’ Page and click ‘SPC Store’, you can purchase products with your SPC in App.
  2. Rewards vary by region, and we are continuously working on improving and adding more rewards based on user feedback.
  3. BUT keep in mind when you redeem the prize, please pay attention to our redemption policy as there will be terms and conditions associated with collecting the prize.

2) Feedback

If you have any issues or queries, feel free to contact us. You can simply do this through giving our team feedback within the App.

  1. Go to ‘Me’ Page and hit the ‘setting’ icon at the top right corner.
  2. Click ‘Help & Feedback’ and write in your requests.

3) App Settings

In ‘Setting Page’ you can change km to miles by going to ‘Unit of Measure’. You also can easily edit profiles by click ‘Edit Profile’ in the ‘Setting Page’ and change your username, email, gender, age, etc.


4) How to get Runtopia Premium Membership

The Runtopia Premium Membership offers an upgraded and more professional running experience. With the Premium Membership, you will receive access to all of our training plans, more detailed analysis of your running data, exclusive access to cadence metronome for your run, as well as double the daily limit of SPC.

We offer 3 types of Premium membership: 1 month, 6 months and 1 year. 

The 1-month Runtopia Premium can be redeemed in our ‘SPC store’ by using SPC. It should be noted that this type of premium member is a one-time trial.

The 6-months and 1-year Runtopia Premium memberships are paid memberships. You can find these options by going to the ‘Me’ Page and choosing ‘Runtopia Premium’. You will be forwarded to Google Play or iTunes Store for your payment method.


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